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Murray Nutrition is a team of expert registered dietitian nutritionists that specializes in nutrition counseling for eating disorders and body image concerns (click here for our full list of specialties). We practice through a trauma-informed, non-diet, and Health at Every Size (HAES) framework.

Food doesn't have to be so complicated. Let us help.

Supporting you

through every stage of recovery


Nutrition Stabilization

Renourishing the body through structured eating to repair effects of malnutrition and eating disorder behaviors; understanding what foods your body needs (and why!).


restructuring beliefs & Behaviors

Mastering skills to help change harmful food and body-based beliefs and behaviors, forming more positive ways of relating to yourself during eating experiences (and beyond!).


restoring body trust

We'll support you in increasing confidence and self-trust with food and your body through attunement, self-care, embodiment, and Intuitive Eating practices.

Family based Treatment

We believe that parents and families are an invaluable treatment resource and support the whole family system with the goal of the goal of empowering parents and family members to help feed their child back to health. 

Virtual Services

We provide virtual nutrition counseling and coaching services across the state of Tennessee and nationwide. To check availability in your area, visit our FAQ page!

expertise you can trust

Find out what sets Murray Nutrition apart

We have the experience

Our clinicians have a combined 15+ years of experience providing nutrition care to individuals and families healing from eating disorders. Several of our staff have personal experience healing from an eating disorder; others have supported loved ones in the recovery process. This combination of clinical and personal experience is something that has been proven invaluable to our clients.

More than a meal plan

We help you craft an individualized nutrition plan to normalize your eating patterns, while also teaching you tools and skills to help reduce the mental and emotional challenges of eating.

We support families, too

We know from experience that the best recovery results grow when everyone is in this together. That's why we offer nutrition counseling to educate and empower families and loved ones of those recovering from eating disorders.

Cultivate your inner intuitive eater

Although Intuitive Eating has grown in popularity over the past decade, there is still much nuance that is not discussed on social media, which can lead to confusion and frustration. That's where we come in, helping you apply these principles in your daily life.

Make Peace with your body

When negative body image is part of your struggles with food, it's nearly impossible to separate that from food and eating. For many people, these struggles can feel one and the same. Our team of eating disorder dietitians is trained in a holistic approach to recovery, meaning we'll support you through struggles with body image in addition to food.

I refer everyone to murray nutrition!

My relationship with food and body impacted so much and it feels so amazing to be back to being present in my life and not consumed by an eating disorder! I refer everyone to Murray Nutrition and will continue to.
- Client of MN

Session Fees

Initial consultation

In our first session, we’ll begin an in-depth nutrition assessment including your mental and physical health history, relationship with food and body, food preferences, and answer any questions you may have. Together, we collaborate to craft the beginnings of an individualized nutrition strategy that you can start implementing right away. 

75 MINUTES | $215-285

Follow up Care

In follow-up appointments, we will teach you tools, skills, and concepts to help you meet your recovery goals. We provide support, accountability, and a safe space to discuss the challenges you’re facing. It really is nutrition counseling with us, and there's a concentrated focus on helping you move through the mental and emotional barriers of recovery. 

50 minutes | $145-185

*5 min of appointment reserved for payment and scheduling purposes

About the Cost of Care

Investing in your recovery is a value we take very seriously, and we make sure that each session is worth your while. Care coordination with your other providers and intermittent email support between sessions is included in the cost of care. If you are concerned about the cost of nutrition therapy, talk with us. We do have a number of reduced rate scholarship spots available through our partnership with Project Heal. 

We are happy to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate for the total cost of nutrition therapy at your request.

A note about insurance

Murray Nutrition does not currently accept insurance. We do accept HSA/FSA cards, checks, and cash, and can provide an itemized superbill to submit to your insurance company upon request.

No Surprises Act: Out-of-network providers are required by law to estimate direct service costs. If you would like an individualized "good faith estimate" of treatment for the next year, please contact us and we will discern this with the best of our abilities.

This is a life changing company!

Before I started working with Murray Nutrition (MN), my relationship to food and eating gave me constant anxiety. I was worried, confused and uneasy at every meal. After hearing about MN, I decided to take the steps to recovery and I have never looked back. My relationship to body image improved drastically and my quality of life skyrocketed. Without my work with [MN], I wouldn’t feel the sureness and groundedness that I do with my daily practice of recovery. I am so grateful to MN, Emily, and Caroline for helping me find this peace and mental health. I could not recommend them more positively - this is a life changing company!

- Client of MN

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