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Recovery made real.

“I don’t even know what normal eating is anymore.”

“I have no idea what I need to be eating for my body.”

“The guilt I feel around food is paralyzing."

“Somewhere along the way, food became the enemy.”

“A part of me knows it's just food, and a part of me is still so afraid."

We're here to help you find food & body peace.

Sound familiar?

If you've found yourself thinking or saying one of these things, we want you to know that you're not alone - and it doesn't have to be this way.

non-diet approach

health at every size


trauma informed

client centered

collaborative care

One-on-one dietitian services

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  • Feeding yourself doesn't have to be so complicated.
  • Food is medicine when physically recovering from eating disorders or other malnourishing conditions. 
  • Your relationship with food is just as important as the food you eat.
  • You have the capacity to grow, change, and heal. 

At Murray Nutrition

we believe

Kind Words

from Murray Nutrition clients & families

Client of mn

Before I came to Murray Nutrition I was battling anorexia and severe body dysmorphia. Working with the staff at Murray Nutrition helped give me the knowledge and confidence to turn my eating habits around. I learned to respect my body for what it is and to treat it with the utmost care.

client of MN

Murray Nutrition has taken a very daunting process and broken it down into pieces I can actually implement.

Client of MN

Caroline has helped me understand exactly how recovery can fit into my life. She has gone above and beyond to get to know me as a person and really tries to understand what’s going on in my life to help arm me with tools that will fit into my day-to-day.

client of MN

Working with Emily Murray has drastically changed the way I view food, my body, and life in general. I am eternally grateful for Murray Nutrition, the way they care for their clients, have a passion for what they do, and the way they have helped guide me through recovery. I would be lost without their compassion, drive, and commitment.

client of mn

Caroline and Emily have helped me identify the underlying beliefs that have resulted in my strained relationship with food, which have allowed {me} to address behaviors from the ground up from a place of compassion. Their approach makes me believe that the changes {I'm} making are sustainable ones.

client of mn

I have found freedom in my life, by not being as consumed with food and body image thoughts, but enjoying the moment that I am in and finding relief in eating foods that I previously thought were bad.

No rain, no


An eating disorder can feel like a dark cloud with rainfall ready to pour at any second. At Murray Nutrition, we believe rain comes before new growth and breakthrough. We teach our clients how to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" in order to gain lasting healing in relationship to food and body. We believe in your capacity to grow and heal. Just because it's hard now, doesn't mean it will be hard forever. No rain, no flowers. 

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